Reagan Kelly is a bioinformatics scientist in Atlanta, GA building computational infrastructure to improve public health.

About Reagan

Reagan has a Ph.D. In Bioinformatics from the University of Michigan. While there he trained with Sharon Kardia in the School of Public Health Dept. of Epidemiology. His dissertation focused on integrating omics data with clinical information to predict chronic disease risk. He also investigated the effect of genetic polymorphisms on heart failure survival, lipid metabolism, and blood pressure.

Reagan started working with genomics technologies in 2003, performing analysis on Affymetrix microarrays. In graduate school he worked with Affymetrix and Illumina microarrays and SNP genotyping chips. While at the FDA he participated in the Sequencing Quality Control project, a large scale study to assess the state of RNA-Seq technologies and analyses. You can find a list of his published articles via PubMed.

Reagan has been creating websites and web-based applications since 1997. He has developed scientific software using Java, R, Perl, and Python and web-based programs in Perl, PHP, and JavaScript. He has used a wide range of database tools, from Oracle to MongoDB, and has experience as both product owner and scrum master in an Agile software development environment

In his current role at the CDC he supports analysis of sequencing data from the Division of Bacterial Disease's PacBio RSII. His work is focused on building systems to automate and simplify public health surveillance and research. If you have several hours to kill he would be more than happy to discuss DevOps for bioinformatics, bringing modern software development techniques to scientific software development, and building infrastructure to enable research.

This site was formerly the home of a weblog discussing personalized medicine topics. If a ten year old perspective on that is interesting to you then you can find the articles in the WayBack machine.

When Reagan isn't working he can usually be found at home with his family and cats, surrounded by books and Lego. If you have a question for him, use the tweet button below to contact him.

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